The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 48

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 48 with english subtitles.

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6 Comments to “The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 48

  1. 😂😂 ah love it… Su Jeong basically suckerpunch Woo Jin in the stomach wii… he look for it because he has no respect for her work & for what she wants out of life… fast & out of place to demand they get married otherwise he will cancel the show… he ain’t realize by now that sis is a survior & she will definitely put him in his place… he will just keep pushing her away with that disgusting behavior…. better Choi marry him wii….

  2. Now I understand why Woojin’s wife left him. He appears to be insecure and clingy, especially with how he handled the situations involving his stepmother and Choi girl when he was with her. He failed to defend his wife when needed. Su-Jeong should do more than just punch him in the stomach.
    I hope the wife returns and invests in MS shopping. The story seems to be lingering. Woojin’s persistent pursuit of Su-Jeong is beginning to bother me. The Choi girl’s father promising to make her the ‘queen’ seems doubtful – he’s more likely to steal the slush fund and disappear first.
    Woojin is aware of the Choi girl’s unstable behavior. The question arises: how much money did she contribute for him? I refer to her as the Choi girl because I am unaware of her actual name – Nara/Hyera. It is of no significance. She is the most foolish villain I have encountered so far.

  3. I am getting tired of this bickering and overacting.
    That punch in the stomach felt good! YSJ will put WJ at his place.

  4. Hye Ra’s transfer to the Philippines has been called off. Instead, she will be joining Su Jeong and Eui Ju on the Yong Su Jeong show. At the same time, a company-wide rumor circulates concerning Su Jeong and Eui Ju. Meanwhile, Myung Chul becomes aware of the possibility that Kyung Hwa is handling funds without his knowledge and decides to confront her about it. Myung Chul told Nara that he is her father and will help her get married to Woo Jin.

  5. I apologize for being late in making a summary.
    Now it’s 23.00, I’m going to rest because tomorrow morning I have to see the doctor.

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