The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 26

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9 Comments to “The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 26

  1. I enjoy the plot development in the drama. It’s intriguing how Soo Jung uncovers Hye Ra’s true identity early on, while Eui Joo begins to entertain suspicions about his lineage, possibly being Hwang Jae Rim’s grandson. Additionally, the blossoming romantic feelings between Woo Jin and Soo Jung add depth to the storyline, transforming him into a happier version of himself, evident in his frequent smiles, which are quite charming. However, I’m not keen on the idea of pairing Eui Joo with Soo Jung romantically; their dynamic as close friends seems more fitting. As for Hye Ra, I hope she undergoes a reality check soon. It’s evident she can’t manipulate love, and rather than blaming Soo Jung for her challenges, she should focus on improving her own attitude and character.

  2. I mean, i like ceo daddy and everything but the preview, seems so rushed in love. Maybe it’s just the preview.

    Is the writer baiting us because everyone wanted the ceo daddy so she had to move her thoughts but didnt want to bother to make it look good? So she can go back to eui joo as ml?



    SJ is shocked and confused, this is a photo of his mom.
    LYA stated that JHM couldn’t be like SJ who slept in UJ’s room… LYA wasn’t sure they could meet after JHM’s treatment.
    UJ remembers the contents of the letter, she lost contact after LYA became pregnant with JSP’s baby. Rumour that Grandma disapproves. She hesitated to send the photo, she was sure Grandma wanted it for some reason.
    UJ asked, LYA still didn’t remember her name.

    JMC asked MKH not to jump to conclusions yet, he would investigate first. MKH is anxious.

    YJW told UJ that LYA refused to be taken to the hospital when she was about to give birth to UJ.
    UJ shows the photo, LYA says it’s her. She still couldn’t remember her name.

    JHM is happy to be able to visit WJ’s office. She would read while WJ worked. She did not respond to HR’s greeting. She immediately refused when HR suggested taking her on a tour.
    HR immediately asked GHY what children of JHM’s age like. She was annoyed to hear GHY’s answer.

    KMY stated that there was no employee named CNR. SJ asks her to investigate about HR, because HR is overreacting about CNR.
    KMY was surprised because HR had returned. HR asked KMY, after KMY answered, HR immediately left. MCY was shocked when KMY asked SJ to come out of the pantry.

    JHM meets SJ in the toilet. SJ praised JHM’s attitude. JHM asks, SJ stated it wasn’t tiring at all. JHM smiled. SJ praised as JHM mopped the floor. JHM said it was a lot of fun.
    Finally SJ found out that JHM was WJ’s daughter. JHM stated that it was her own will, she wanted to play with SJ again so that she could relax.
    Ms. Kim took JHM to meet SJ, WJ asked SJ to watch JHM for 1 hour.

    WJ remembers what LYA said. He imagines UJ kissing SJ…LOL.
    SJ and JHM both said it was nice and cool when drinking water. SJ stated that it is best to eat ramyeon and drink beer or soft drinks on the edge of the Han River. SJ was shocked because JHM never did that. JHM told her about her illness. In the end, she found out that SJ made the jujube jam. SJ promised to make the jam for JHM.

    Mr. Na told MKH & JMC that UJ came to the clinic bringing an ultrasound photo, Grandma visited the Gym several times to see UJ.
    MKH finally realized that Grandma got it from JSP’s box, apparently Grandma already knew… She was upset and cried. JMC wipes MKH’s tears, hugs her and states don’t worry, he will protect her.

    WJ agreed to JHM’s proposal, he invited SJ to come too because he had never done that.
    HR gave a gift to JHM. She was shocked when JHM called and asked SJ to leave. She was annoyed to see WJ smiling…
    MCY tells HR that SJ & MKY asked many people about HR. She asked MCY to monitor SJ and report to her.

    JHM & WJ were amazed when they saw SJ cooking ramyeon, it was amazing, really amazing.
    WJ smiled when he saw SJ wiping JHM’s mouth. When JHM left, WJ apologized and promised to treat SJ later. SJ said it was really fun here. WJ states he also feels good, because he is with SJ. SJ is confused.
    SJ was even more confused and embarrassed after WJ stated that he had no problem with UJ staying for a long time, as long as SJ didn’t sleep with UJ…

    UJ remembers what Monk said about his mom. LYA was sick for a long time after giving birth, she lost her memory, she had nightmares every night. Monk didn’t look for LYA’s family because she was worried that LYA was being chased. UJ saw SJ & WJ together in the car.

    WJ denied SJ’s words that HR came to join to marry WJ, it was just a rumour.
    WJ asks SJ to understand if he doesn’t greet SJ at work.
    UJ was annoyed when he found out that SJ had just been with WJ and JHM.
    SJ comes into the room, her heart is beating fast, she smiles when she reads the message from WJ, thank you for today, JHM says she had fun.
    UJ will complete LYA’s work. UJ put his head on LYA’s thigh, he apologized to LYA. LYA rubbed UJ’s head.
    HR was very annoyed when she remembered SJ, WJ and JHM being together.

    At the end of the episode, SJ intends to investigate at WJ’s office. Finally, SJ found out that HR was previously called CNR. HR reprimanded SJ who was sitting in her chair. SJ states she is YSJ, Ms. CNR. CNR knows who she is… (surely HR denies it again… LOL)

    Next, Grandma suggests WJ find a wife for JHM sake…. WJ watches SJ who is cleaning his table… MKY gives the address of the gallery, SJ visits the gallery… SJ with WJ & JHM. WJ escorts SJ. WJ asked how SJ would feel if he had good feelings?… HR smiled with satisfaction when SJ saw WJ and her together, she wouldn’t let WJ go… LYA was confused in front of a building. JYW tells UJ that it’s bad, LYA is gone… JMC and his subordinates beat UJ, he asks how much UJ knows, is LYA still alive?

    It would be more exciting if UJ acknowledged Grandma sooner…

  4. Revelations are so fast, what will happen next?

    Anyway, Kwon Ha Woon is so handsome especially when he smiles.
    I really hope writer will change his/her mind. They are good together.

  5. “Ah, let’s pose for a nice family portrait.” 😂

    Look how happy he is, knowing NR is watching. LMAO

  6. Eui Ju now understands that Lee Young Ae, whom Jae Rim is searching for, is actually his mother. Su Jeong goes on a short picnic by the Han River with Woo Jin and his daughter, Ha Min, enjoying their time together. Meanwhile, Su Jeong investigates further and may have found a Fitzwill University alum who works at the company. Ha Min refused to let NaRa get close to her and choose Su Jeong 😻 even requested for a date at Han River with her . She called Su Jeong in front of Nara 😹😹😹 and left with her and her dad. Nara almost went crazy after she bought gifts for Ha Min 🙊🥹🏃‍♀️. Woo Jin asked Su Jeong how long will Eui Ju stay in the guest house and said it’s fine as long as they don’t sleep together 😹😹😹.Woo Jin cleared the rumor about Nara and him dating to Su Jeong, he likes SJ 🥰. Eui Ji jealous after he saw WJ drop SJ off at home and SJ’s heart is racing for WJ 😻. SJ finally knows Nara is Choi Na Ra and told her it’s me Yong Su Jeong 🤣🏃‍♀️, you know who I am right ?


    SJ looking for the info about where Nara got the painting from and grandma wants WJ to get married for his daughter’s sake. Meanwhile , Su Jeong was hurt when he saw WJ with Nara and NaRa’s dad attacked Eui Ju and asked him if his mom Young Ae is alive.

  7. Ik ml’s mother z dumb but she can’t go on spewing nonsense everywr. I just can’t stand her frm the 1st episode itself. Her husband was already married n even her kid was taken away yet she had another kid with him huh??? Something z wrong with her character. Just coz u had child shouldn’t b an excuse to that behaviour.

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