Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 16

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 16 with english subtitles.

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10 Comments to “Branding in Seongsu (2024) Episode 16

  1. Waittttt, so it’s not the passionate kiss that switches their souls?? And why only at such important moments do their souls switch? That seems sus..🤔

    And Eunho seems to have some hidden motive for getting involved in all this. He’s not as clueless as he leads people on to believe. That’s interesting. I believe that female shaman might be connected somehow.

  2. so the incident 5 yrs ago was a huge deal.. our FL got herself a ghost, our ML wants revenge? it was the plot right? and i feel like the woman who support FL, the head office one, maybe she is the one behind Kang Na Eon incident.. she seems sus to me..
    again the priest girl… she might be the victim or something like that of 5 yr ago incident…

  3. What???😮😮this ending!!! He’s connected to the event that happened 5 yrs ago too?! And who could that shaman girl be? I can’t remember if we saw her or not already 😅. haha so its not a kiss after all lol. The switch happened again at a critical moment haha.

  4. Episode 16:A lustful kiss is not needed to switch them back..I don’t know why but I think EH is the one who can switch them back…the young shaman may be EH’s relative , I don’t remember the episode but EH was getting out of the place and talked to her…
    EH’s motives are getting clearer and clearer: he wants to know the truth about what happened 5 years ago, working with NE was not by chance.

    As for the motel project, I think the owner wanted to see NE, why called the agency to say she didn’t want rebranding her motel.
    As for Cha Jung-Woo he must be hurt seeing his love telling him to get out of the room while EH could stay.

  5. Uhhh how many episodes does this show have?? I genuinely thought at first it was 8 then it kept going 😂😂

  6. I am watching this show mainly because of the male lead. When kissing leads to soul-switching, it has no logic, but soul-shifting happens nonetheless.

  7. first of all idk what problem does that shaman girl has and why is she making their lives miserable secondly kang na eon her behaviour..

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