Wandee Goodday (2024) Episode 3

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Wandee Goodday (2024) Episode 3 with english subtitles.

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9 Comments to “Wandee Goodday (2024) Episode 3

  1. I don’t know about you, but every single time they get together, I blush & my heart beats faster!!! How can they resist each other???? 😂😂😂

  2. These two are already dating and I cannot be convinced otherwise 😌
    Watching Wandee seduce Yak was very entertaining to say the least. This whole episode had my full attention and I love when a series does this. They have so much chemistry that even the looks they give each other scream love. I also love how whipped Yak is already; he cannot say no to Wandee and I think that is endearing and I must say Wandee has the sad-pouting look down pat.
    Yak’s brother and his bf are also very cute together. They make an amazing couple. I appreciate when a side couple is just as good to watch as the main couple.
    Overall I love this episode and cannot wait for the next.

    P.S were they doing what I think they were doing at the beginning of the episode 🥵

  3. They need to tone down the sex scenes and create more beautiful scenes, I am already 2 seconds in this series but I am already concerned that they will keep this up until the last episode. I hope I’m not right.

  4. A good bye kiss on the cheek. But they’re just FWB, right??? 🤫 Funny how their friends and family can see right through the BS 😂

    From being called “too vanilla” to acting like a playa’, doctor Wandee’s come a long way, lol. Like Yak said “cut the drama” 🤣…But seeing them act like fake BF’s gonna be interesting…

    Oh, I love Madam Cher and Mr. Oyei’s domesticated flirting that they’ve got going on. It’s just too damn cute ❣

    Those male nurses are pissing me off. Seems like they’re got too much free time on their hands. And Dr. Ter let’s them round around the hospital talking shit. If he actually wanted them to stop, he would’ve been stern about it.

  5. After the mess that was yesterday’s my stand in I needed this to relieve my stress 😂😂. Their chemistry is on point and even though they’re both still in denial that they don’t feel something for each other, they compliment each other so well. I love their cute little moments 🥺🥺. Never a dull moment. Also, I love YorYak’s “ parents ” 🤣🤣. Such a cute little family.

  6. These two, “Mr. Soon-To-Be World Champion Boxer” and “Mr. Soon-To-Be Scholarship Winner Doctor” are already in a Real Relationship and they don’t even realize it, yet. Lol!😂🤣😂🤣
    They can’t even fake the relationship when they’re alone together🤭 I mean wasn’t the lovey-dovey, domesticated spaghetti lovin only supposed to be for the onlooking office trolls?👀😄 Talk about having already caught feels – one night stand, to friends with benefits and now a faux real relationship at warp speed🏃‍♂️💞 Haha!😂

    P.S. I’m worried about Yak and his boxing career when doc Dee can’t keep his promise of keeping their (fake) relationship private from the public and only for those gossiping co-workers bc they have already proven they are out for blood and now that they know the owner of that necklace, they won’t hesitate to “out” him publicly. I wouldn’t put it past Doc sh muck Ter to blackmail Dee into giving up his scholarship or else he’ll tell the world about Yak😏 And, Geez! Couldn’t they act just a little mature?!🤨 Ugh!!🙄 And the only “disrespectful” ones were the gossiping squad. Can’t believe they weren’t even a little embarrassed with themselves. Smh What happened to minding your own business?!!!😬

    Now this face at the end was priceless🤣👏🤣

  7. im so obsessed with this show its not even funny 😆 I blame Yak who told him to be so fione nd sweet nd 😍🥰❤️

    ok im driving i will comment properly when i get back home

  8. Side note: GOSH, Yak just took my fantasy of getting it on with the repair guy to another level with this😍🤤🫦 And Doc Dee cured my slight fear of clowns. He was so darn cute with his little red nose😍🤡🫠

  9. May 19, 2024 (12:32 AM)
    ☑️Be Your Star, Episode 9 @YT

    May 18, 2024 (10:55 PM)
    ☑️ Wandee Goodday, Episode 3 @kisskh*co

    From One-night Stand to FWB to Fake rRlationship… In what episode, these two will realized that they were already into each other?

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