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Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching The Trainee (2024) Episode 2 with english subtitles.

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6 Comments to “The Trainee (2024) Episode 2

  1. I didn’t expect this show to be so good. I expected something like cooking crush. Is there a more pleasant surprise than seeing Off Gun showing off their skills at last? 🥹🥹
    i never had a crush on Off BUT he’s so hot here and it’s only episode 2. I keep fast forwarding other shows but I really can’t feel the time passing watching this show. Plus it’s so damn funny 😭😭😭 I was giggling all the time!

    (I did my MS thesis about 3 years ago. My Prof was very strict as well, not like Jane but close enough. She’s so good at her job, but I was scared to talk to her 😅 she would praise me when I did well and took the time to explain things I wanted to know thoroughly, but she also had very high expectations and I was sometimes scared to go to her. I was also lost since I didn’t know what I was doing and what to do next cuz it was something I’d never done before, so I procrastinated and just didn’t touch it for days cuz I was too stressed. That’s why I understand Ryan very well, the way he’s afraid of Jane. I’m afraid of Jane too, lol)

  2. Ryan is stronger than me cause I would’ve quit the first day 😭. The end of the episode was cute though where Jane was actually caring and told him to be careful

  3. I love everything about this series!! Minus 2 things. Lol.

    1. Homegirl throwing Ryan under the bus with Jane. Why couldn’t you ask yourself? Better yet, why can’t y’all figure it out? Look around. Take initiative. Use common sense.

    2. I feel like Ryan has no sense of urgency or any critical thinking skills. Lol. I guess because he has low self esteem but still. I’m glad they mentioned how slow he talks because it was driving me crazy.

    I’m curious how they’re gonna introduce the romance and if any of the side characters are gonna get into relationships too.

  4. Please calm my OffGun heart. 🥹❤️ I love these two so much. And again I want to pop Off/Jane for being so hard on him but I have to remind myself that they literally think he’s someone else with a totally different background, just a spoiled little rich kid trying to find themselves when Gun/Ryan really IS just lost and trying to find his self. He has no direction and no one to point him in the right direction, I’m hoping Jane can be that person. I like how he does give kudos when something is done correctly. Hate the AD girl, she lacks team work, part of being on a team is making sure everyone is correctly supported instead of pointing fingers. Even in epi 1, she had an attitude like Ryan was being lazy when she knew he wasn’t called up when she was.

  5. I swear this series is becoming the comfort of my Sundays. 😌
    It’s light and informative at the same time with silly humor in between.

    Ryan mimicking in a girly voice had me 🤣😂🤣 pfff the CRINGE is real.

    LMAO at the HP LEviOsa moment between Pie and Pah, but no way in hell that sword is in Gryffindor being that green. It’s meant to be in Slytherin for sure. Look at Tae wearing the tightest superhero outfit. 😏 Ngl, I don’t know which one is better. Oh or the moment when Ryan was calling the printer technician at the same time as his co-worker and they were surprised the line was occupied. Or Ryan’s paper that flew far and beyond. PRICELESS.

    Not Ryan defending Jane after only one good interaction between them 😂 he is too kind and cute, but mostly he is too naïve. 😫 It’s not a wonder he got scammed. The way he took his chance to use that resignation paper to take full responsibility for his little mistake though as if he had offended the whole industry 🤣 Jane was like 🤨 signing that. Even when they are short on staff, he still did it and gave Ryan the choice and a reminder that he is not a bad assistant. He just needs to be on the same mindset and enjoy the job.

    Sure Ryan may have not scored a goal, but he still fixed the printer today. Hooray! 🤣

    Look I know Jane looks and sounds fierce, he may be strict and yet he is not totally unreasonable. On the contrary he is a professional at what he does. He knows when to lead and to praise someone who deserves it, he also scolds whenever it’s needed. I liked how he handled sad Ryan when knowing about the scam he suffered and the wrong decisions he made. He was calm and straight to the point making Ryan realize his mistake and what not to do next time. Jane’s main problem is his sour mood at the office most of the time. He is either overly annoyed or too stressed to speak to. Scares any sane intern away. Jane seems to be the soul and the problem solver of that company, and they still bish behind his back as if they don’t dump everything on him or rely on him since he is efficient at his job.

  6. I did not expect to hear Ryan relaying the call in a false voice. Jane’s reaction is just as funny. Gun amazingly pulled off this role. His face was dead calm delivering his lines.

    I was surprised that he defended Jane’s reputation when the co-workers spoke ill of the boss.

    My heart aches when Ryan struggled his second day there. He was half-heartedly resigning. The poor guy needed his superior’s signature, but he could not bring himself up to face Jane instead he searched tired-lessly for Baimon.

    I was relieved that Ryan worked up the courage to let Jane know that he failed his assignment and was scammed. Jane, on the other hand, professionally advised Ryan and even after that he signed the request to resign. He did not talk Ryan out of it. I really really want to marry Jane.

    I’m glad for Ryan’s happy ending of his second day at work. He’s too cute skipping home past dad.

    I believe the success of the day’s tasks should really be thanks to Jo who pointed out the phone number to the technician. And he also brought the technician to Ryan helping him complete his tasks of hiring an extra for the filming.

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