The Legend of Shen Li (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 与凤行 / 與鳳行 / 与凤行官微 / 本王在此 / Yu Feng Xing / Yu Feng Xing Guan Wei

Synopsis: After the deaths of many gods in ancient times, the emotionless Emperor Xing Zhi remained as the last deity, living in seclusion beyond the sky for thousands of years. When a war breaks out between the gods and the demons, he single-handedly saves the situation, but then retreats from society. Several hundred years later, a female demon lord Shen Li is born with a pearl in her mouth. On her thousandth birthday, she is forced into a political marriage, but while trying to escape, she is attacked and transforms into a phoenix. She falls into a coma with serious wounds and is mistaken for a chicken by a vendor who sells her in a cage after plucking her feathers. When Shen Li awakens and realizes her situation, she becomes furious and collapses. In her desperate state, a man in black and white stops and becomes intrigued by her, purchasing her as a chicken. This seemingly random trade intertwines the fates of the two individuals. This drama is adapted

The Legend of Shen Li (2024) trailer

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