The Atypical Family (2024)


Genres: , , , , , ,

Release Year:

Status: Completed

Starring: , , , , , , , ,

Other name: 히어로는 아닙니다만 / 虽然不是英雄 / Hieoroneun Anibnidaman / I’m Not a Hero / Not a Hero / Дорама Хоть я не герой / على الرغم من أنني لست بطلا

Synopsis: A man named Bok Gwi Joo and his family possess supernatural abilities, each unique to them. Bok Gwi Joo can travel back in time, but only to happy moments in his life and cannot alter them. However, as he falls into depression, he loses this power. Similarly, his family loses their powers due to modern-day struggles like insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction. The arrival of a woman named Do Da He brings about changes as she joins their household.

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