Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 7

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7 Comments to “Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 7

  1. Hasn’t Su Ji been the primary income earner for that family? Regardless, I don’t know how she can be treated with such disrespect and animosity by the “mother” and “sister”. At her age and with her professional experience, hopefully, she will figure out her home is toxic. I suppose it is difficult because she has been raised with a sense of guilt from an early age and has essentially been programmed to think she owes them something.

  2. I guess Jin Na Young is the character that we would be ‘hating on’ in this series. 😒😒

    SuJi’ mom – looks like she left her bag with ID at the employment agency when she had that accident at the hospital jobsite and needed longterm care. Hence no one got notified of her accident. By the time she got out of the hospital, the Jin family had moved.

    I am gonna guess that Uri and DooRi are NOT her biological children too. Looks like she fosters kids like Ara whose parents are not available to care for them as she feels the loss of her own daughter Soo Kyung/Su Ji.

    Looks like SuJi’s dad had affair and a son from that affair. If Do Young is that son, then Na Young is a step sister (no blood relation) to Suji, not a half -sister as Na Young is older that Do Young,and hence, probably from a different father that is not Jin Jang Soo.

    And geez-louise, what’s up with the ice-queen mother – Kim MaRi?!?!?! Wondering about the frosty relationship between her and hubby, hospital director Han. Even the son Hyun Sung notices their strained relationship.


    Sun Young (CSY) cannot contact U Ri. Su Ji watched CSY leave from afar. Nurse invited Su Ji to eat quickly. Nurse was amazed by the amount of food given by CSY.
    Stepmom contacted Su Ji, she was still upset and angry and thought Su Ji was ungrateful for the care she had given Su Ji after her mom abandoned her. Su Ji apologized and promised not to do that again.

    U Ri forgot his phone at the office, he immediately called CSY.
    Nurse felt fed up and annoyed, she asked how long Suji would continue to endure it, it was time for it to end. Su Ji invited her to eat. Su Ji was sad and crying. U Ri was confused when he saw Su Ji walking while crying.
    Chief asks U Ri to come immediately. Su Ji cried in the restroom.
    U Ri was curious and asked Chief about Su Ji. Chief states Su Ji was born with talent, she is also stubbornly hardworking. In a word, she is a perfectionist.
    According to U Ri about Su Ji, there is a different side that no one knows.

    U Ri tries to cheer up the sad Doo Ri. She told U Ri about the problems she was facing. Doo Ri takes money from her deposit to settle it immediately because she doesn’t want to be fired. U Ri hopes she will forget her matter soon, stay strong and persevere, the truth will eventually be revealed. She promises she will find it and will destroy it.

    Na Young (JNY) trains herself. She remembers Doo Ri’s words and gets annoyed, she still doesn’t want to admit her mistake.
    Stepmom took herbal medicine secretly and gave it to JNY. She asked JNY not to try to compete with Su Ji. She is no match for Su Ji, accepts who she is and stops trying to be like Su Ji. JNY kicked her mom out because she was busy.

    Sun Young (CSY) is knitting a wallet for A Ra. Aunt was curious and asked CSY. CSY stated she had sinned. She shouldn’t have gone away like that at that time, she should have gone with Soo Kyung.

    Flashback – Grandma doesn’t agree with CSY going with Soo Kyung, she suggests CSY go, and she will take care of Soo Kyung (Su Ji). CSY is upset because Grandma deceived her. Grandma celebrates the first birthday of the son of Su Ji’s father’s mistress.
    CSY prepared food for Su Ji’s birthday, she will be away for 2 weeks and will come back to pick up Su Ji. She was sad when she saw Su Ji crying while looking for her.
    CSY and Uncle immediately agreed to work, she forgot to bring her handbag at the office. She had an accident. When she recovered, she couldn’t find Su Ji because her husband’s entire family moved abroad. She believes Soo Kyung must be living a good life somewhere in this world.

    Stepmom persuaded her husband to use his credit card to buy new clothes for JNY, he did not agree. She was annoyed when she saw Grandma giving herbal medicine to Doo Young, the herbal medicine was specifically for JNY. Grandma scolds her for not buying one for Su Ji too, Doo Young supports Grandma’s opinion, she is immediately annoyed.

    Nurse asked Su Ji to return the food container to U Ri, it would be rude for her to do it because the food was given to Su Ji. Su Ji met U Ri, thanked and praised CSY’s cooking. U Ri will tell his mom.
    U Ri will treat patient Su Ji. Su Ji will treat U Ri to dinner, U Ri agrees. U Ri was stunned and thought he heard wrong…. LOL

    Doo Ri is busy looking for witnesses. JNY prevents the director from seeing Doo Ri’s activities, JNY will treat him to lunch. JNY is annoyed and thinks Doo Ri is crazy.
    Su Ji looks at Doo Ri’s notice board. Doo Ri tells her the amount she has to pay, she is sure the truth will come out. Su Ji supports her oppa’s opinion, she comforts Doo Ri, the truth has great power.

    Hyun Sung (HHS) agrees to work immediately. Director agrees with Ma Ri’s opinion that HHS is the future captain.
    U Ri admired the expensive resto that Su Ji chose.
    Director disagreed but ultimately agreed that HHS would pay for the food. HHS did not see Su Ji and Uri who were sitting at another table.
    U Ri was clumsy while eating the snail, the snail flew and hit Su Ji’s forehead. U Ri finally helped wipe Su Ji’s forehead.

    At the end of the episode, Hyung Sung saw when U Ri wiped Su Ji’s forehead.

  4. Well, her sister is a bit difficult and I don’t understand why Su Ji doesn’t live alone. She is a psychiatrist, she can surreptitiously distribute something in the drink or food… would be enough to “sedate” her family, something that does not raise suspicions. But she is the protagonist and she has to be good and not use tricks. That is not done, but I would do it especially with the sister.
    I’m waiting for the summary and the sub, I didn’t understand how she left her daughter running alone in the street (it would be a scandal in “Wonderful World”), but here she not only left, she didn’t come back.

  5. Waw waw waw that bastard had an affair yet he lets his mistress mistreat his child. Mistress even demands a fair treatment fr her ugly daughter which z not even that family’s grand daughter. N they all let that mistress bad mouth her mom.

    I want her to slap that father n mistress with her sharp heels n unalive that ugly sister. Now I want that ugly sister to get into an accident n let that mistress shed tears of blood

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