Shh, Please Take Care of Him (2021)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 쉿! 그놈을 부탁해 / 쉿 그놈을 부탁해 / Swis Geunomeul Butaghae / Swit! Geunomeul Butakhae / Shh, Take Care of Him

Synopsis: “Shh, Take Care of Him” follows Bok Soo Hae as she seeks revenge on behalf of her female clients against the men who have wronged them. As she carries out her acts of vengeance, a mysterious man begins to appear on the scene. Adapted from the web novel by Meon Na Mu and directed by Lee Jeong Hoon, the drama focuses on the plot of retribution and the enigmatic presence of the mysterious man.

Shh, Please Take Care of Him (2021) trailer

Shh, Please Take Care of Him (2021) full episodes

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