Scandal (2024) Episode 18

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Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Scandal (2024) Episode 18 with english subtitles.

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4 Comments to “Scandal (2024) Episode 18

  1. How dumb can WJ be? 5 yrs under her control? He should know something is wrong and use his accident against her.

  2. So, it looks like fl didn’t realize why she got to stay in that apartment. She keeps bringing jinwo over to his apartment while ignoring him. So smart of her lol. She’s only creating more problems for herself and jinwo.

  3. Writer-nim, please no more slaps! It’s degrading and humiliating for a man to be slapped by a woman.

  4. Jeong In and Ju Ryun encounter Seol Ah during the table read, oblivious to her real identity. Seol Ah and Woo Jin grow closer as they clandestinely spend time together, deepening their understanding of each other. Ju Ryun suspects their hidden bond and attempts to take Woo Jin’s phone away.

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