Queen of Tears (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 눈물의 여왕 / 淚之女王 / 泪之女王 / Nunmului Yeowang / The Queen of Tears / Дорама Королева слез

Synopsis: “Baek Hyun Woo, a successful legal director from Yongduri village, is married to Hong Hae In, the heiress of Queens Group department stores. Despite facing a crisis, the couple’s love story is filled with miracles, excitement, and comedy as they fight to stay together. This drama, titled “Queen of Tears,” spans 16 episodes and follows the challenges and triumphs of this married couple.”

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  1. The whole series is going to be based on 24 hours after the King’s death, and since JCW is listed as a lead, not supporting cast, we could see him a lot in the first half and flashbacks in the second half.

  2. This is a volunteer run database? Learn how to contribute by picking up the slack. Edit it yourself. Rude for no reason.

  3. Ya really hope he features in more than the first episode, although the events of this drama revolve around the aftermath of his death so not sure how much focus they are going to give him

  4. Isnt JCW playing the queen’s husband who dies….he is likely featuring in 1 episode of this

  5. I thought this would be more melo than romcom… Though I have a feeling it will be mixed genres and it will be more serious in the second part. let’s see

  6. this is one of the few kdramas im super hyped for :’) this, All of Us Are Dead S2, Branding in Seongsu and Doctor Slump. im so excited!! and i love the cast lineup.

  7. The new teasers looks so fun. So they hate each other and then start to fall in love again.

  8. i cant wait for this. Jiwon unnie,especially . hope she will not get hurt hurt as she was in My Liberation Notes.😭

  9. Here…that’s me

    As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover*

    How is it an attack when one pose the question

    So questioning and stating that is an attack?

    A teaser is a snippet….how is it to determine the whole content

    Having your opinion of not vibing with it…is fair

    But also is the people countering and questioning it

    Why is it critizing 30 sec trailer ok….but ppl countering and asking if you seen the whole drama yet to fully judge…is attacking…then those critizing the 30sec clip being judgemental is also attacking

    I seen plenty of appealing teasers and watched the drama and it didn’t click or vibe with me and vice versa

    At the end it is all how it vibe with us…. you would need to be open minded enough w/o bias….and try at least 6 ep

    I will watch 6 ep and go from there….it will either vibe with me or it doesn’t

  10. Yep, Idk why they are taking this long to complete a Chaebol drama, I know there is a foreign schedule for one month but still it’s already 10th month of Filming they still have 1 or 2 episodes to complete ( one of the cast member said it)

  11. Well in this recent teaser what I understood was them showing us both the male lead and the female lead trying to fit into eachother’s really different lifestyles…I didn’t see it as one sided because we see him having a good time with his family and her trying to but still not fitting in while we see her having a good time with his family but not him since he isn’t fitting in for me that’s both perspectives.

    Edit: I’ve just seen the poster and that explanation above was from the teaser in which he was sitted with them at the table….but the poster can also be interpreted in a way that he is looking over a place and family in which he doesn’t fit…..( My opinion) and I understand yours.

  12. Another loser ass all green ML and FL written cold for first half so she will get all the flak from stupid fans….

  13. Well the strike contrast is, she is being welcomed and attended well to by his family sitting at the center of table, while he stands alone without even being able to sit on a chair.

  14. My Arthdal duo reunion!! Excited to see jiwon,joongki and soohyun in the same frame 😍

  15. I find it psychotic that they camp on a forum of something they don’t like….very sick in the head

    Why waste your time on something you don’t like….

  16. Truth 101: MDL users doesn’t even account for 10% Kdrama watchers, so nothing will happen to the drama bcz of the negative comments, So Ignore the negative comments and lets wait and enjoy the drama

  17. From the recent teaser we are shown them trying to fit into their different life styles…..and to be honest I enjoyed it more than the previous ones because now we are getting a glimpse of the story from both povs. Can’t wait!

    I also think and feel that this might be more deep than what we are being shown so can we not judge rushly just basing on 15 seconds or 1 minute teasers and trailers that are actually not shown in order of how things happen…it’s unavoidable yes but still……

  18. From all the kinds of teasers we have got so far if genders were reversed there would have been massive uproar

  19. Can’t believe they’re still filming, jheeze atleast we’ll get all seasons on the show.

  20. Their main target audience is women, so far they got their attention with this type of promotion…

  21. Is this really the main poster ?? I am not gonna lie but this is really bland but if the drama is good , I don’t have any problem

  22. With the combination of the cast, director & screenwriter, this has a lot of potential. I just hope there’s enough plot to use up those 16 episodes effectively. A lot of dramas these days start off really good, only to go downhill due to fillers and unnecessary dragging. Given who the screenwriter is, I’m sure that won’t be the case here. I’m looking forward to this.

  23. Wow, what a star-studded cast. Down to the kid actors and supporting roles…kinda raises the stakes but I’ll try not to have high expectations since most have been shattered.

  24. teasers reminded me of the movie ’30 Days/Love Reset’, I hope they don’t lose their memory.

  25. caint wait my wish hope female lead samé vibes than seo jea ji 😪 in dráma (its okay not be okay) She was best fór him

  26. Hoping that this will be as good as writers previous works. And then there’s Kim Ji-Won… so has to be good.

  27. Are we pretending a show can’t both be funny and heart-wrenching? Like we did all watch My Love From the Star, did we not? A perfect mix of romance, comedy and melodrama. Same writer and ML here. I’m expecting this to be the full package and serve both laughter and tears. My most anticipated of the year.

  28. Generally the first trailers are like this then, they will show the dark side of the story next, i have a high expectations for this drama and i’m 100% sure it would be as i expected

  29. I enjoyed all the trailer released. Really looking forward to it. But some people in comments are saying that one of the main lead is terminal ill . Can someone please clarify it . I don’t want a sad ending .

  30. NAH I FORGOT OMG– since kim hee won is directing, we’re gonna be seeing a SJK cameo!! now i’m lowkey even more excited

  31. yeah, he said during hopeless promos that he filmed one for a KHW drama. he wasn’t in soundtrack #2 so it’ll be here, and he’s sent a coffee truck to KJW too so that tracks.

  32. You know what .. I am just not gonna judge the plot.. these two on screen for 16 hours is enough. I am sold.

  33. Kim soohyun doesn’t pick a drama unless the fl drives him crazy 💀
    Anyway,i feel so bad for laughing so hard at his crying scenes in the trailer 😭😭

  34. I was really hoping this was going to be about a happily married couple who support each other through some external crisis. Now the teasers make it look like they are growing apart and more like enemies to lovers (except with an added twist where they are already married). Internal marriage strife is way less of a draw for me. It’s giving “old lovers reluctantly reunite” vibes but without the breakup or divorce part. Readjusting my expectations on this one.

  35. Amazing cast and the story looks interesting. I love couples sticking together vs hardships. Hope this is good!

  36. same screenwriter as ” The producer ” and “My love from the stars ” so he is in good hands …. oh same Screenwriter also of ” crash landing on you ” 😁

  37. What !!!

    QOT has action &…. horror ? Okay i need to prep myself. I was just expecting a romcom melo business drama but it seems like they are planning something terrific and shocking !!! 🌜

  38. I have the highest hopes for their comeback hahah. It’s a weekend drama too. Plenty of time to stare at their beauty 🥰

  39. This drama will be full of noble idiocy. ML finds about fl disease tries to make her happy and all. FL finds about her illness and try to distance herself from ml etc.

  40. Not normally into Married Couple ships (where is the fun will they/won’t they?), but LTNS changed my mind a bit , plus this PD + screenwriter combo of talents will make it work! 😍

  41. I’m bingewatching Kim Soo Hyun’s dramas and movies while waiting for Queen Of Tears, i hope he will sing a new ost for this drama, i love his song DREAMING from Dream High

  42. International popularity on streaming platforms is a given, I meant the tv viewership ratings in Korea. His past dramas were all double digit hits. It’s just a little surprising that’s all

  43. Why do people complain so much about a god damn poster? Do you watch a drama for the poster or the story and it’s actors? I swear this is the first time I see people obsess so much over a drama poster. Is it because you have no other tangible reasons to complain about the drama yet?

  44. Hong Haein must have some memory issues or moody character. Suddenly she’s lovely, next she’s bullying him & overly emotional. It’s all melo. Maybe they’ll heal together and finally overcome that crisis

  45. Yoon Eun Seong will cause huge threat for the leads’ marriage life. The female lead is portrayed as a mean character and a rich heiress. Due to her wealth, she exhibits arrogance for any reason, even if she has illness, and she doesn’t respect her partner. The third wheel creates a significant issue as he is a rich investor based on his character background. In the first half of the drama, the male lead will struggle extensively in his life because his in-laws are super rich and look down on those from a lower social class. During this time, the second male lead creates problems. Even though it’s presented with comedic elements, the male lead’s life would be depicted as a hell.

  46. Okay okay they will not / they don’t have chemistry so move on dude, why are you crying here 😅😅😅

  47. I totally agree when male speak to female they are so attractive ok. But when they hold hands and kiss each other they didn’t loom good at that time.

  48. This forum ..mdl …has gotten worse and worse in the comments….ppl are so whiny and complaining about everything

    I feel like I’m talking to a hormonal 12 year old

  49. i hope it is not murder – death trauma from childhood 😂 i have had enough of those trope in kdrama

  50. The ML’s characterization is bit confusing to me. I am on EP2, feel uncomfortable when I see the ML secretly being happy after knowing the FL is about to die in 3 months. And then in EP1, he went back to hometown for divorce after knowing there was a prenup will. Why the writer depicted the ML in that way? I know the drama has comedic elements but in any circumstance being happy over another person’s death is not funny at all.

  51. they know how to make the views get hooked to the show🤯🤯😍
    this is so much fun,l can’t wait for next episode 🧐🥵💦

  52. I know hyunwoo doesn’t ACTUALLY want her dead or else he would’ve let the boar kill her lol

  53. I love how the trailers did not reveal the main story of Queen of Tears. IF YOU HAVE NOT STARTED WATCHING THIS, START NOW. Avoid spoilers at all costs to enjoy this drama fully.

  54. In my opinion they will somehow get over their misunderstanding and start growing and supporting eachother. Because they genuinely love each other it’s the family that’s the issue. Ithink they’ll fall inlove all over again, ion know if you watched go back couple or emergency couple but something like that? they’re met with several unfortunate event that leaves them no choice but to help eachother? maybe? I’m just guessing here.

  55. Of course he still loves her, but the lack of communication lately (and surely it will soon be revealed how it got to this point) makes him feel used, despised, humiliated and the prenup will was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And in episode two it’s clear that he’s just trying to convince himself that her near death is making him happy and freeing. It’s clear that he loves her only now he’s overwhelmed with conflicting feelings.

  56. one might argue that he saved her there because that would be a easy and fastest way to make her heart and change the content of the “will”. so no not really. But other stuff you could use would be that he was jealous about the whole eun seong thing. I know it didn’t appear like he was and that he was angry eun seong didn’t persue Hae-in and marry her instead of him but base on his bidy language alone and the the way in which he chose to get “angry” and mumble about the situation is little suspicious. If that was what he was angry about a smart man like him would’ve immediately thought of helping eunseong to rekindle with Hae-In that would’ve made a perfect plan too.

  57. A great explanation! I was thinking the same thing just not in so many words and so well put like you did. But it certainly does put things much easier in my head. But I do wonder how the plot will flow because it’s 16 episodes and I don’t see any story yet that could possibly captivate me enough to watch for 16+ hours.

  58. This is such a fun show!!! I already cant wait for next week.
    I miss the days when they used to drop full episodes at once…

  59. First 2 episodes and I am really impressed, add some dark humour into the mix, Kim Soo Hyuns acting and presto, I just wanted the story to continue and was disappointed it ended for the week.

  60. I’m shook, I swear I read an article on KSH turning 30 like a year ago but it was 6 years ago now! Very random but wow time flies haha ^^

    Loving it so far though! Soohyun’s acting always stands out to me, he portrays the smallest and simplest emotions beautifully, can’t wait for the next eps! 😀

  61. i genuinely haven’t laughed like this in a while. Thought idk yet if i like the FL but the ML is alright

  62. Has everything been released on Netflix? Or are there countries that haven’t been revealed yet?

  63. Crazyiest start! So many things going on
    Wish I’d waited for more eps to be out

  64. These characters are flawed more than anything they aren’t black or white but they are grey…you aren’t really meant to root for their actions especially some that come as a bit off but instead you have to understand where they come from which for now isn’t easy to do considering the drama has just started and we don’t really have enough information on both of them….to be honest I appreciate when characters are potrayed in a more human and realistic manner because I feel more close and connected to them that way, plus it’s those flaws that give the characters depth and complexity.

  65. An Ice Queen can be incredibly appealing to a confident man who wants to melt her heart and seduce her. And while an Ice Queen demands her man be meek in public, she won’t respect him let alone feel any attraction unless he can somehow take charge in private. That said, I do not see 1ML as this kind of man.

  66. idk i feel like if two episodes in i dont care about the characters at all… thats not good writing. fl doesnt even seem to have a personality yet and ml… we had the one drinking scene

  67. For you who have watched the opening eps, what is the “crisis they have to survive”? Is there any unusual spicy setting in the plot of just another “marriage drama”? Put in spoilers of needed. Thank you!

  68. I’ll wait till all episodes released noooooo i can’t wait😭😭😭wt sld i do ???

  69. can’t wait until Saturday. it’s officially become my fav drama of the year. no one can beat this one istg

  70. Is it just me? I feel Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin vibes from Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won.
    What I mean is…I wish Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won would actually get married like Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin hahaha

  71. oh my god love it! I can’t wait to see the next episode 🥰keep uploading.. the story was insane my gosh I cried almost because of the drama for me it’s the best drama I’ve watched highly recommend to be in the top!

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