Pyramid Game (2024) Episode 8

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Pyramid Game (2024) Episode 8 with english subtitles.

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10 Comments to “Pyramid Game (2024) Episode 8

  1. Every time I see this psycho’s poker face, it makes my blood boil.I never hated this much like this character.
    Come on girl……grab that psycho and throw her out of window.

  2. so the game was actually started by the kindergarten teacher (I guess they were all kindergarten students at that time), so y not do anything about that teacher instead of all the girls all these years??? and what wicked and messed up that teacher was to start a shi** like that!!!

    and m sure Ja eun was also a bystander when everyone bullied Ha rin back then, and she must’ve also participated in bullying to not end up in F, and one of those they must’ve gone extra extreme and a fire might’ve broke out and everyone left except Ha rin, and Ha rin thinks that Ja eun betrayed her as she was her friend and now she wants everyone to be alone like her and not have any friends…..

  3. that bear is convenience store’s sister right??? did she do something to Ye lim or did Ye lim hurt herself??? cz she was already crying….or is it again Ha rin???

  4. These writers know how to do cliffs and I really hate them for it!

    Damn. All that’s left to do is rewatch episodes 1-8 before the double finale next week.

    Edit: Yerim better be okay.

  5. So was Harin bullied because of a similar game when they were little? Was it their teacher who started it? They didn’t clearly explain things.

    Oh, her grandma is an even bigger psycho than Harin.

    What exactly did Jaeun do to her? Harin wants her to feel remorseful for what she did to her as a child. But then what? Will Harin also take accountability for all the people she scarred? She won’t, right? So stop with the self-pity game. She’s a psychopath regardless.

  6. Wt!!! What is the history between Harin and Jaeun?? And what does Yerim have to do with that sister? Why does she have a wall full of Yerim’s photos?

  7. AUNT????? The principal is the homeroom teacher’s aunt. So that’s why it wasn’t easy to get rid of that perverted teacher.

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