My Demon (2023)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 마이데몬 / Maidemon / Мой демон / มาย ดีมอน

Description: Do Do Hee is the successor of the Future Group, an extremely profitable and influential company. She is an arrogant and cool-headed person with a cynical attitude towards love. When she meets Jung Koo Won, her life starts to change. Despite their differences, they develop feelings for one another and eventually enter into a contract marriage. They must keep their relationship a secret in order for Jung Koo Won to regain his power and survive. Through this journey, Do Do Hee discovers the power of true love.

Episodes: 16

My Demon (2023) trailer

14 Comments to “My Demon (2023)

  1. She is pretty but her heart is Black (Although her past story is a little bit painful to me but who asked her to follow him, she choose to be with him and help him, developed feelings for him even though he told her ‘i have no feelings for u ‘😭.Girl back off and move on 😒 (she decided to stick to him like glue and then betrayed him because of her jealousy and then she had the audacity to give dohee poison and tell seok hoon about his powers( am still confused why she told seok hoon though) . Every monster has their own nightmares, every character in this show have to fight ⚔️against Dohee and Guwon maybe except the secretaries.

  2. I could be wrong but at the start of the walk it was his left in her right so his ring was shown. Then during the walk it was her left in his right so her ring was shown. His left hand was in his pocket so he is probably still wearing it

  3. My demon and 20th century girl -🪦
    Also last comment before I sleep
    I hope some people will learn how to drop dramas if they don’t meet their standards or they can’t get into it instead of forcing yourself 💛to watch the drama till the end (and I don’t mean to be rude to anyone just saying).There are plenty of kdramas out there that can match you taste 💖

  4. I also laughed so much that I couldn’t even be sad lol I thought it was so dramatic but the photography of the scene was beautiful

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