Missing Crown Prince (2024) Episode 12

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14 Comments to “Missing Crown Prince (2024) Episode 12

  1. This drama being 20 episodes, it’s a bit much. It’s going to be a a lot of filler episodes. Round and round we go!

  2. Pause again 40:46

    You really shouldn’t believe the previews of this drama…the kissing scene from ep. 9 preview is still not shown (maybe not yet since I haven’t finished the episode, so there’s hope)…last episode’s preview that the Queen hanged herself was a flashback (I was a little disappointed hahaha)…and the one I was worried about, also from last episode’s preview, Prince Dosung drinking poison (thank goodness it was just a nightmare). The previews of this drama are all deceitful…hahaha!

    Btw, that drinking bonding of the brothers was so lovely… I’m afraid that it’ll be their last…😒

  3. Pause 14:54

    I just suddenly remember and realized…
    That if Prince Dosung and Myung Yoon are considered “married”, since the 2 family already exchanged their letter of marriage intentions was already done before the ceremony…so technically Prince Dosung is her husband…so if the prophecy (is that the right word?) is to come true, that Myung Yoon is fated to be a widow…WAAAAHHHHH Prince Dosung will die? Coz that kidnapping and ceremony to over turn the prophecy was a failure coz they were supposed to kill the guy (accidentally it was the Crown Prince) so…wait…so technically (again) the Crown Prince is her 1st husband…ok I just confused myself again…πŸ˜…
    Sorry let’s just say I was “thinking out loud”…”typing what I’m thinking”. Thanks for reading…😁

  4. DRAGGING ON…. repeating plot…. can the evil and stupid people juz die already…


  6. Not gonna lie……the last 25-30 mins I CRIED LIKE A BABY!!

    The QD & her lover were so pitiful but they MUST PAY FOR ALL THEIR CRIMES.

    The QUEEN let her mind wonder on all the evil things her dad & maid said to her……….thats a pity bcs she was SO VERY STRONG but the finally broke her down

    The FATHER & MAID definitely DESERVE DEATH!

    I have NEVER see a CP that TRULY LOVES his family like this one! I LOVE him & Dosung together the most……they are so ADORABLE.
    The ONLY drama that might come close would be The Queens Umbrella……..but this drama is MORE INTENSE on the CP love.


  7. damnnnn he took the blame.. i guess he understood right away that the queen was the one… but poor queen she was mnaipulated by her father and the court lady….

  8. would have been better for the pyschition to die and not the queen or they should have drunk it together and not 1 by one… but based on preview…. things are not what they seem lol

  9. This drama has no solution. I gave it 12 hours of my life only to be bored. I had hopes it would pick up, I really wanted to give it a good try… but I don’t know what they were thinking with that script and plot going around and around…

  10. i still feel bad for them, their lives were ruind becuz of the greedy previous king.. however its not an excuse for them to hurt so many ppl who never caused them harm… the new king would have understood their love if they did it the right away and even allowed them to excape …

  11. What exactly is wrong with this crown prince…?
    I wish I could hit his head to wake him up from his slumber! Loving and protecting people he should not touch with a barge pole. SO what if he is his brother, what about the daughter of the traitor…murderer in the making if the king dies.
    And mind you why was he saved from drinking poison, I suppose the queen dowager’s maid is in love with him too…?
    I don’t know, really I like this drama, I want to be give the proper and believable plot to keep me watching – writer-nim?

  12. I came to see if it was the end and my heart almost dropped when I saw it was 20 episodes

  13. in ep 9 preview they showed us them kiss after the called off wedding but nothign on the horizon yet

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