Marry My Husband (2024)


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Other name: 내 남편과 결혼해줘 / Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejwo

Synopsis: Ji Won, a woman with a fatal condition, travels back to 10 years ago in order to prevent her own death. In her past life, she was betrayed by her husband and her best friend, who had an affair and ultimately killed her. Desiring revenge, she sets out to alter her fate.

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  1. Oh the first episode was fun! The male lead has saved her like 4 times and idk if that’s just romance genre fun or some other twist (Perfect Marriage Revenge is just too fresh in my head, lol).

  2. So far episode 1 started out a strong 8.5 stars for me, I hope she gets the revenge she deserves!

  3. I think I’m going to like it a lot, I love the plot of someone getting a chance, it makes me nervous and excited, and the protagonist’s story seems very emotional. The story itself reminds me of Perfect Marriage Revenge, which makes me happy because I loved it.

  4. I am kinda enjoying him just popping up everywhere. It’s definitely making me suspicious, especially after the bookstore encounter and lunch. Why is he suddenly everywhere? And chasing her outside? Right now my guess is that he’s noticed her before in a platonic way since she’s done some good work, but her sudden meltdown piqued his interest. However, a PMR type twist would be A-ok with me, too!

  5. The webtoon was fucking amazing, I hope they adapt exactly what happened to Soo Min and Min Hwan like in the webtoon. My goodness the ending is spectacular.

  6. For those who have read the Webtoon: but for me Na In woo (the actor) I really don’t see him playing Jihyuk, he doesn’t even seem like the same character to me.
    Am I the only one who thinks this?

  7. For those who have read the Webtoon: but for me Na In woo (the actor) I really don’t see him playing Jihyuk, he doesn’t even seem like the same character to me.
    Am I the only one who thinks this?

  8. Na In Woo is ugly, as usual. He doesn’t play well, as usual. But who cares ?!! ! ALL the others are superb. I’m already hooked and I ‘m burning to see the next episodes.

  9. Episode 3 is so freaking satisfying!!!! Is it just me or the ML has really an idea about FL being from the future?

  10. If they make it a love triangle, I would rather it happen early. Usually in KDramas when it happens early, it gets dealt with early and you get a longer better cute dating period. The triangles that start later makes it more angsty until the end

  11. Oh wow… I thought I saw actress Choi Gyu Ri who played Yoo Hee Yeon somewhere so I looked her up. Turned out I’d never seen her before, but she’s so natural in this drama! Looking forward to seeing her in the future as a leading Female Lead!

  12. If people want to compare the webtoon and PMR for this drama, perhaps its best to create a thread above this comment site – ^under recent discussion^ – so people can make all the comparisons you want there….😄🫰

  13. rather than considering the webtoon and drama I personally think all webtoon adapted drama’s have their own qualitys and drama’s have more regulations that must be followed thus the changes of the story , honestly I enjoy the drama because I was always a lover of revenge plots so in that case the drama is just awesome ✨

  14. I do like shows about the underdog getting the upper hand and taking revenge. They’re like fast food to fulfill our fantasies. But so far, this is a little too stereotypical for my liking. I’m supposed to hate these villains, but I can’t even take them seriously because they are too much like caricatures. I’ll give it a few more episodes, maybe it’s just not my cup of tea.

  15. no way why did I just notice that mr. yu resembles jung hyung gyu naeil bwaeyo nuna from exchange 2 😭 especially with that 🐞hair style 😭 and both are a green flag, no a whole forest 😭

  16. I didn’t want to feel that way, because I really like the actress, but it seems like every episode I’m seeing a replica of the previous one. It’s always more of the same and nothing happens. I’m also finding it quite dragging and losing interest. I think I’ll wait until it’s finished and then decide whether to watch the whole thing or not.

  17. She just be licking herself like she’s a dog tf 😭 soooo cheap and desperate! I cannot–

  18. So Ji wons dad literally gave his daughter a handsome tall rich man who is crazily in love with her and is willing to do anything for her as allowance….😭 He’s so real for that

  19. Around episode 8, I find the ML too boring. I hope that his energy and involvement levels with the FL ups soon. Right now, he seems to be a side character.

  20. He was the ML in “River Where the Moon Rises” and looked like a massive, glorious Gladiator in that role. He was jacked and more muscular as he played a soldier. He’s a tall, big guy and looks better when he’s heavier. He can carry some weight and still look good. He’s too skinny now. Still handsome, but a bit too skinny.

  21. The way they didn’t even try to find an adult cat with a white belly to match the baby version 😂 the cat grew so much it even changed colors

  22. TL;DR Writing for comics is not the same as writing for scripted entertainment.

    It’s easier to adapt a TV show to a comic or novel than go the other way around as is the case with MMH. Characters need to get merged or eliminated so the audience can keep track of who is who from week to week. Complex storylines need to be simplified so the audience can keep track of what is going on from week to week. Pacing issues need to be addressed to spread key plot points across the episodes, and pacing also includes allowing for commercial breaks in shows which appear on broadcast networks (even if those breaks do not appear on OTT services like Prime Video).

    Also characterizations need to be refined and maintained for consistency. For example if you have two main villains (hint) and one turns on the other to save their own skin, then the secondary villain becomes sympathetic to the audience—which is something which should be reserved for protagonists. Otherwise the audience doesn’t know who to root for, becomes frustrated, confused, etc.

    In my opinion, all of the changes which resulted from the adaptation of the webcomic to the kDrama were necessary and also well-executed. I’ve no doubt that all of the issues which MDL commenters raise were previously addressed in the writers room. I think they did a great job. And I personally enjoy watching the show more than reading the manhwa.

  23. don’t worry there’s still enough materials to cover it through, if am correct, we are currently at chapter 23 or 30 in the webtoon. there’s still 30+ plus chapters to cover up

  24. please recommend some satisfying revenge + romance dramas (time travel or not), be it kdrama or cdrama or any pan asian drama 😭 i want to hook on to something while waiting for the next eps to release. i’ve watched perfect marriage revenge, and the story of kunning palace. i want something with a similar trope like marry my husband.

  25. Just watched the extended preview for episode 11 – it looks like it’s focussed on Ju Ran, her husband and her romance. I haven’t really been interested in her in the drama, and I found her storyline so dull in the webtoon! Just give me ji-hyuk and hi won dating filler please! Or I don’t even mind his sister, although Eun-Ho is sort of 2D character too.

  26. I feel this so hard, I’m out here looking for the same thing. I don’t have a perfect rec, but here are some that might work for you. My two personal favorite revenge dramas are Nirvana in Fire and Reborn Rich. However neither is going to give you that romance you crave. Both have some, but it’s not centered or super resolved. You should try Mr Queen, it’s not revenge driven, but the time traveling mc is able to help the king deal with the villains very satisfyingly and the romance is great.

  27. Most famous drama of Park Min Young is “Healer”.
    But about acting? I follow you on that point.
    I think in MMH, she’s at her best. It’s a difficult role full of subtext.

  28. Enjoyed the Old friends crash wedding scene, it was funny.

    Though Ep 12 felt abit rush imo, and a let down compared to the front eps, but I am not giving up on the drama because I know the plotlines had happy ending

    But I got a question for Ep 11

  29. Episode 12 was a Shitshow 😂😂😂 I’m laughing like maniac because what the hell was even that….I had a feeling I shouldn’t watch this week’s episodes but I still did it!!! I want this to end NOW!!!!!! The F*ck

  30. Omg that’s why I shouldn’t start the drama until they released all episodes, what a disappointment after episode 12. I was already scare because the plot was the same as Perfect marriage revenge.What are the writers thinking? , is not make any sense.After all the support from the ML lead and she treated like that., like trash as she repeatedly said in the drama. Another psycho add for what? With Sumi it was just enough. I’m so mad . Same cliche scenes, always the truck ho hit someone, another crazy who appears from nowhere for what? Because no one touches what is mine. So lame. They don’t make justice to the webtoon at all.

  31. LOL same as me 😅
    i already suspected that the episode 12 would be somewhat angst-inducing, so i’ll just hold off until next week’s episode

  32. “Marry My Husband” ratings increased reaching its best-ever ratings at 11.8% with episode 11. It dropped with episode 12 to 10.5%.

  33. After seeing song ya hoon acting, i don’t have words. Even when reading webtoon I felt see she was just mentally ill psycho felt cringe at times. But actress portray her effortlessly I had shivers down my body specially when her expression after seeing BTS of drowning scene. She held camera under water and managed to look evil devil. Now boa acting felt not so good maybe it’s a similar psycho role and soo min did a fantastic job for series, it feels let down now. I will just skip watching show till comments became somewhat positive

  34. watched 12 eps all in one day but am a bit disappointed by ep 12 🙁 let’s hope we get more happy moments next ep

  35. well, looking at the comments, i’ll just watch the episode next week when all the drama possibly ends… i guess i could’ve expected that angst will come, it was 12 ep after all 😅

  36. That’s why the webtoon chose to omit her character. Nevertheless, the overall content of the webtoon remained quite decent. Despite this, I still found enjoyment in watching episode 12.

  37. Drama is not following webtoon, It is adapted from a Web novel and nothing is extra in the drama everything is in the novel….

  38. To be honest, I don’t even want to watch the next episode. The drama did a 360 turn that made no sense. How can two people who are reborn and given a second chance let such a non-issue burst their bubble.

    Even the preview of ep 13 don’t interest me.

  39. i can’t believe they’re adding this new plot line… woah… what a way to mess things up lol

  40. Confronting challenges which differ from those from her first life give Ji-Won opportunities to grow confidence in herself.

  41. Really good drama,just fell like many hesitant scenes when compared to the manhwa.The revenge in manhwa was wonderful

  42. This should have been only 12 episodes. I get that the additional antagonist was on the novel, but adding another villain towards the ending is so unnecessary.

  43. I haven’t watched episode 12 yet.
    I think i’m going to wait until all the remaining episodes are out to see how it ends and if it’s worth continuing.
    I don’t want to waste my time getting angry and frustrated at an episode just for it to not be worth it in the end 🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. does anyone know where I could watch episodes recap? I don’t want to watch all the episodes; I have seen some spoiler… 😅

  45. Here’s an fun PMY coincidence. When she played Secretary Kim in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’, the rival conglomerate to YumYung (the firm she worked for) was called UK Group.

  46. Iam sure next week’s episodes are going to be good…..the only unfit episode seemed to be episode seemed to be episode 12

  47. Honestly would likely not watch the rest or just wait for the last episode and watch that only. It’s becoming a bit tiresome. I mean the FL give me a break, just because your problem is known doesn’t mean it’s all about you. I mean the guy literally came back too, you didn’t ask him about his own business /problems, and (okay fine he should have told her at least ) but given her new character I would have thought, she wouldn’t become like argggghhhh

  48. Yes I totally agree, some people shoud mature a little bit, defending the drama will not give you a bonus, just let the people write the real review as a viewer not as a FAN, if there’s something wrong, some people will definitely mention it, if you’re soft or you get angry quickly, this place is not for you.

  49. The hair theory is real 😭 but yeahh he’s been typecasted as an (annoying) old man

  50. I don’t meant it in that way..I replied it another comment too…they should’ve made that part shorter..the ex fiance part. That’s just my opinion.

  51. Yes.. that, and later her slapping him multiple times in the office, so satisfying!! 🤭

  52. They’re dragging it. Just because they’re getting good rating you cannot extend the drama, drama loses it’s charm.

  53. in my opinion ep 13 useless waste of time, just watch last 10 min and u good but 14 was much better, lots of cute scenes.

  54. I planned to watch it near to be completely aired and now starting the first episode, this is totally amazing and realistic acting, this is catching the attention and interest from the first moment I open to watch it😎😎😎

    I think this is the most wonderful drama for park min young and there will be so upsetting and infuriating moments but I like it how everyone is acting so awesomely💥💥💥
    I want to slap this abominable friend of her and cut the hand of her thug husband 😂🔫🤣

    I think violence against women should be added as a tag🤔🤔🤔

  55. This wreaks my brain and maybe I’m overthinking it but I have a question:
    While Kang Ji Won dies on April 12, 2023 and wakes up on April 12, 2013, Yoo Ji Hyuk dies on April 19, 2023 and wakes up on April 19, 2013, a whole week later. This means that in the first week of Kang Ji Won’s second life, she already changes Yoo Ji Hyuk’s life, simply through the interactions between the two that did not exist in Kang Ji Won’s first life, but now exist in Yoo Ji Hyuk’s first life. The course for a shared and better future is already set. So why does Yoo Ji Hyuk even die in 2023? If they had both woken up on the same day in their second life, I would understand it, but not that. Or can this not be solved with logic?

  56. Yeah I got spun by this as well. YJH had his original 10-year stretch but that presumably got overwritten by another parallel 10 years after he inherited that burn scar from the coffee pot (which he had already received before his reset).

    We can only speculate whether that scar affected any of his future decisions and/or fate. This is all beyond the scope of this story or logic. This isn’t a perfect time-travel scenario, but few are.

  57. I have no intention to be disrespectful but do you know the meaning of the word ” extend ” ? this wasnt extended. It was planned to be 16 episodes since day 1.

  58. Seriously! This should’ve ended with 12 episodes. Why are they bringing in new villains now?!

  59. Kim Kyung Wook is still in love with Su Min ☠️
    In this drama, they made him look ugly but he’s really handsome irl 😍

  60. I totally love this series! It’s hands down one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’d give it a solid 10/10 rating after watching 14 eps. And let me tell you, the female lead is just so cute and charming, she’s such a lovely woman.

  61. I think this drama is based on the Web novel and not the Webtoon so I guess that’s where it’s all coming from

  62. I don’t know what comments you read but people were throwing tantrums because they didn’t like the plot, acting, storyline etc.
    I am all for constructive criticism and it should be written nicely.
    But comments like- I am so done with show / Writers don’t know what they’re doing / It’s not in webtoon… etc are neither opinions or evaluation.
    So of course people who like the show were offended 🤷🏻‍♀️

  63. usually after a drama finish airing, they will released an ost album. it included all of the instrumental song in it. maybe u can try to find it after drama finish.

  64. Then why are you still here getting triggered by people writing the actual facts and defending the drama?? It’s so obvious who is the one getting triggered here. And congratulations on still being here and watching the drama despite your continuous negative posts. I thought that you’d already dropped the drama by now but here you are.

  65. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but this series is completely fine. I haven’t been bored for a minute.

  66. I just wished jiwon proceed with her seduction plan and plant huge lip kiss with minhwan. ml can’t anything as he gave her his consent. I like cuckold moments. I imagine in some parallel universe, it actually happened this way.

  67. Me too. Even though the plot is poor and there isn’t much romance, the acting of the actors in this drama deserves praise.

  68. It’s painful to watch the show, but the finale will be much more satisfying 🥰😍
    I would suggest people who complain either not watching or wait and binge last 6 episodes.

  69. Watched ep 12 at speed 2x 💀💀 wth was that, and you want to tell me it will get even worse? Im also tired of the whole freeze when afraid thing, srsly in every freaking drama, just so the ML can come and save the day? 💀 tireeeed

  70. What has happened to this show since Ep 12?
    Unnecessary drama and angst 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  71. I agree. She was already so pretty! There was no need for all the fillers and face implants. I hope she knows how pretty she is without all the extras. One thing that hasn’t changed is, she’s still an amazing actress. 🥰

  72. Good for you 😂 I mean first episode was tough and episode 12 as well. I am wimp when it comes to emotional scenes.

  73. So true but people are not ready to accept it, doesnt necessarily mean the show is bad probably the BEST shows airing now (PMY and NIW fan here) but its best to accept that the show has been moving in a direction none of us expected
    But I’m hoping it ends with a bang with an ending it deserves!

  74. It’s obvious that there are people who are watching to criticize and not to understand.

    What’s the point of a revenge drama if it ain’t gonna give you a headache? It’s frustrating how a drama reaching its climax and things getting complicated as a gear up for the final is what people call a downfall. Or maybe because the first 11 episodes came with butterflies and sunshine so when things took another direction like they were supposed too they freaked out and called it bad writing. You people just can’t stand to see a successful drama

  75. She definitely has work done over the years, but it comes as no surprise since everyone in South Korea has plastic surgery. *shrug

  76. I cant imagine lol this drama is so good…the cdrama version is probably the walmart version

  77. I’m superb excited for last two episodes 🔥 The whole journey was great ✨ Also little sad that it’s gonna end ☹️

  78. oh I haven’t gotten to that ep yet but I’ll see! yeah it seems like she got work done idk her lips are very swollen? which would suck cause she was already extremely beautiful:(

  79. Since ep 10 or smth, I’ve been pretty bored. Now the plot is getting so twisted and I couldn’t watch without skipping. BoA’s character makes me so mad, but Huiyeon is keeping the show sunshine as always~

  80. I agree. She was already so pretty! There was no need for all the fillers and face implants. I hope she knows how pretty she is without all the extras. One thing that hasn’t changed is, she’s still an amazing actress. 🥰

  81. I wish it was Su Min who was the one saving Ji Won in the last episode, instead of Ji Hyuk 🙁

  82. I agree with you this is unbearable now every platform they are criticizing the drama and degrading fl as she is dumb n all is just funny at this point

  83. I loveee PMY but she looks so different in this drama, did she get work done?…
    loving it so far though, on episode 8 currently!

  84. Yes.. I think Ji Won already explained this in earlier episode. When Ji Hyuk’s arm got burned instead of hers.

  85. I have to wonder about this, as well. One side of her face looks abnormal and swollen in the Ep. 14 restaurant scene.

  86. Can’t wait for Monday…(I stopped at ep.10 and will continue when final episodes aired) 😊

  87. The coffee pot incident! He had an original 10 years without a burn scar, replaced by another 10 years where he had it because of her reset and inheriting her fate, before dying and getting his own reset (which again overwrote those same 10 years—round three!)

    Could anything else have changed because of the scar we don’t know about? 🤔🧐

  88. *bOToxing* most likely. The beauty standards in Korea are extremely harsh to these aging celebrities. Most resort to fillers, botox, and surgery to try to keep the aging at bay, which gives them a longer viable career. They try to stay employable as the Female Lead rather than the Female Lead’s Mother/Aunt/etc.

  89. Good God, a kiss from the head witch must feel like sucking on a Pirelli tire. What happened to that poor girl? Was it from the boxing?

  90. Same binge rewatching helps you understand the story better because it flows continuously…..Iam also rewatching and you also notice a few more details that were skipped when you watched the first time

  91. Am I the only one binge-rewatching 14 eps? I hated waiting a week between episodes, I usually drop shows for that simple reason. Details gets lost and forgotten.

  92. I’ve started my rewatch and only JUST realized that Ji Won returned on 12 April 2013 and Ji Hyuk returned on 19 April 2013, meaning all that care and heroism that he exhibited on her first day back (when she had the freak out with Min Hwan and the coffee pot incident) was still past Ji Hyuk. The prolonged look in the elevator in Episode 2 is when he first sees her in his second chance. Wow, the revelations, I’m so late

  93. So what drama is replacing MMH from next Monday?
    I’ve to prepare my mind to let it go 😭

  94. Su-min is similar to Park Yeon-jin with being the most entertaining part and MVP in their respective series (sorta the break out character) . Both terrible persons and they learn nothing until the end.

    I think that Yura will get the car crash.
    Su-min will end up in jail with Ji-won visiting her one final time most likely.

  95. Ep 15 servedddddddddd!!!!!! Best drama of 2024 and neither the drama nor the year have ended haha

  96. oh yes I loved Epsiode 15. They are redeeming from the horrible downfall of epsiode 12…

  97. I still stand by the fact that Yura was unnecessary. Things would have been fine without the cliche revenge with a truck part

  98. If anyone calls me “ other half ” again after watching Marry my husband then Iam freaking out 🥲😅 I don’t wanna be no one’s other half again after this show🙄😂 what if they pull a Su min on me

  99. makjang = outlandish soap opera tropes like your best friend sleeping with your boyfriend, getting hit by a white truck, etc.

  100. i hope su min doesnt forget about yu ra during her last rampage. i need to see those two lunatics go head to head

  101. This is the part that gets me in dramas like this. You know there is a psychopath on the loose and y’all just chilling like she is not coming for JiWon. SMH I guess it makes for more “suspense” and helps make the episodes longer, lol. I’m here for it though. I just can’t wait to see what happens to SuMin and if anything happens to YuRa.

  102. At the end of the day… getting a revenge that doesn’t ruin you but allows you to heal and become a better version of your self which includes you making genuine friends and getting genuine love and support along the way……in addition Ofcourse to the satisfaction of seeing those who ruined you ruin themselves is the best gift this drama has given to Ji won as a character……

  103. The drama writers forgot this drama is for a 2024 audience. truly feels like a trashy mukjang from the the 90’s. People are being evil for the sake of being evil plotting to kill each other left and right it’s downright laughable LMAO .
    I wasn’t gonna watch today’s ep but I was like I suffered through 14 episode so at least see it through. and by seeing it through I mean fastfowarding the heck out of it.
    But ngl now that I made peace with the fact that this is a literal dump, today ep’s watching experience was a mass improvement . Like watching a parody.

  104. I don’t care–drag me for this one, but PMY’s drama starts SO good and then falls off right before the end. I usually hesitate to watch her dramas, but for this one, I looked forward to seeing NIW.

    And yes, SHY is eating this role up!

  105. Only in movies/dramss. In the real world, we be hiding when someone knocks on the door without prior notice. FedEx/Uber can leave the order outside.

  106. bravo episode 15. that was not the outcome i expected but it was definitely the outcome i needed

  107. You think that that’s so much’s these guys ruining them selves with their greedy and jealous driven motives….If anything she hasn’t lifted a finger at them properly as yet..she’s using their weaknesses against them..If they were good then maybe they could resist the temptation but no they are falling right into the trap because that’s who they are

  108. Actresses these days are realizing that the best way to showcase their acting prowess is by taking on roles of the most unhinged, evil, vile bitches in dramadom. Cheon Seojin, Park Yeonjin and now Jung Soomin! I hope Song Hayoon gets an award for this role because she deserves it.

  109. I agree I said before on here that the MIL is disgusting and a POS but she didn’t deserve to die

  110. The word originated with a Korean phrase that has something to do with pushing things to the extreme. A whole drama can be makjang or just some have makjang elements. And makjang is not necessarily bad. A drama can be over the top in many ways and yet original and entertaining.

  111. I saw this outcome because ain’t no way MVP Somin was going to go down without a fight. She don’t need a hero to save her lol.

  112. If you put it like this, sumin also played a big role . Because if she didn’t come between Fl’s high school crush and Fl, she would be together with him. And the main leads are not possible.

  113. Catching up on this drama now and I gotta know, when do FL’s ex-husband and “best” friend get together?

  114. I think yhey added the children scene because of the decreasing birthrate 🤣🤣🤣 cause you never see kdrama couples lives that far, it always they get married and lived happily ever after. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  115. Marry My Husband |EP 16| Nielsen Ratings

    Nationwide : 11.951%
    Seoul : 12.485%

    Congrats to whole MMH team for achieving high ratings throughout its entire run 🎉🎉👏👏

  116. Are people having some sort of Stockholm syndrome for Su Min? Just because she’s pretty, with twisted stories to tell and that fake cute voice that make people want to pity her? Come on, guys, if she wasn’t all that and judging only by her actions should you really be doing that? She’s a psycho with no remorse and got what she deserved.

  117. Also let’s give a round of applause 👏🏾 for Kim So Yeon singing Wounds of Time! The best love song for a drama this year 🥰🥰🥰🥰 it’s amazingly beautiful 🩷🩷🩷🩷

  118. You know what would be amazing, if we had a season 2 where Sumin is the main character and her journey to healing and self discovery. There’s just something about her that is so pitiful and sad and I want her to find peace.. I know it won’t happen but oh how I wish

  119. I agree whole heartedlly let me go back and deduct .5 stars, that part reallllly left a bad taste in my mouth especially when she looked at Grandpa evil and said “APPRICA” 🤮🤮🤮

  120. It was so good! I’m glad they wrapped up the psycho drama in 30 mins and the other 34 mins of pure happiness and bliss!!!!!

    I guarantee this is going to be the new drama everyone gets introduced to as their first kdrama ☺️. 🥲 I’m so happy

  121. Keep those photos coming… whoever posted that… loved that wedding scene…

    Next ones, the picture with their kids should be up there…😄😄

  122. All in all a decent to good drama. I enjoyed watching it, but it is not going to leave any lasting or memorable impression on me.
    Highlight of the series was Song Ha Yoon for me. The best actor in the drama.

  123. Yes, it was so random. Made it seem like it was a punishment to go there. 2024 and this is still happening 😐

  124. I’m glad I left the last 4 episodes to binge. I think if I watched this in one go, I wouldn’t have gotten as frustrated when Yu Ra appeared.
    But I loved the webtoon and I loved this adaption. I do appreciate the changes they made by not sticking completely to either web novel or webtoon.
    Also, the height difference between Na In Woo and Park Min Young still makes me squeal even after 3 kids and 16 episodes. I adored the ending, everything tied up in a nice bow 🙂

  125. For me, this drama was the best…the drama that made me discover Na In-woo.
    Applause to all actors ♥

  126. SuMin is so mental… thinking FL should always take her side despite trying to steal everything from her… her delusion in thinking her life would be better as long as FL suffers…

    Honestly, she’s so nuts I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for her… 😅

  127. lol…same…i take a break at ep 12 because yura frustrated me too much…already finished binge watching it and couldn’t be happier…they tick all the checklist that we want…got to thank pdnim&writernim big time for including the part when they have 3 kids since i didn’t expect much they will show that…they deserve a raise for that…this drama will be missed…already thinking of rewatching it 🙈

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