Live Your Own Life (2023) Episode 41

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Live Your Own Life (2023) Episode 41 with english subtitles.

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13 Comments to “Live Your Own Life (2023) Episode 41

  1. though I liked this moment between brothers

    but it seemed that Tae min wanted someone to just ask him to come back and he’ll just go back running lolx….

    but its also true that he can save Taesan right now, he has experience and connections and it clearly showed in the last scene…..

  2. I was happy to see him helping his brother, though I still dun like him, but this bit was gud…

    and m happy that he told the “Family”, I can only hope that now the wife would come to her senses and would stop imposing her unfulfilled dreams on everyone in the family….

  3. Tae ho was like, WTF Halmoni?? u want me to know everything but u dun want me to react??? 🤣🤣🤣. it was a serious and sad scene but I just laughed watching Tae ho’s expressions 😂😂😂

  4. sorry Ahjumma but he can’t get older than this…. 🤐🤐

    u should be happy that AI made your husband look a bit younger….

  5. this was so satisfying 😌😌😌😌, I watched this scene like 20 times and every single time it gave me more and more satisfaction…

    I guess one of these days his patience would end and he’d be the one who’d spill all the dirt about her lolx….cz he’s been humiliated by Tae min countless times already…

  6. well this was unnecessary, he himself took countless loans from Indangsu, his mother as well, and now his brother went there on his own accord, so y is it the loan shark’s fault??? in fact he suggested the big bro to stop giving Pil lip golf lessons if he doesn’t have the talent and to send the daughter to a less expensive academy….

  7. Awwww Taeho the way he is quick to forgive his brother and mend their relationship. So sweet.

  8. TM nothing stopped you from playing with your cousin when you were little. a cousin is practically a sibling.

    i was hoping that the father of HS who ran away would be mr. Yeom 😂

    why are they looking for someone who left 25years ago? does she wanna re-marry? lol

  9. It was supposed to be a serious scene, but it was too hilarious for me. The scene TM said, “For the past 40 yrs., what I’ve been seeing the vacuum cleaners or the Christmas trees (Taesan), so it doesn’t matter to him any more.” (lies)

  10. I thought it would be a wash, but it was actually a definite progression.
    The mother’s willingness to end her trauma may be a sign that she is ready to stop the shenanigans. She needs to manage the investment she made. People still work when they have problems. She creeps up in one way and slumps in another. She’s getting on my nerves.
    Tae Ho is such a kind hearted ML. He was instantly ready to have a big brother. He deserves Hyo Sim.
    I’m also glad that GaOn is ready for her father to move on. Even though I’m not with children trying to be the life coach, at least he knows she’ll be fine with it. I think with his age, they should have had an older GaOn or younger Dad. Just seems a bit off. I can’t really get into those 2. Seems like he wasted some years there. If her singing turns into something, she’ll be busy and he’ll be alone.
    Loving the slow progression of the couple and the fact that it’s not just about them. Even though MiRim gets on my nerves, I’m starting to understand her. That’s kinda scary. Why not try to find the guy. At least confront the demon instead of honoring it.
    I’m a bit sad that Hyun Do wants to break up with Tae Hee. I got the impression early on that he missed her when he aided in her escape after they were apart. His progression is coming along smoothly. I guess getting beat up enough by Yeom’s guys has helped him empathize instead of ignore his family’s problems.
    Since Yeom is not the father of Tae Min and they let the cat out about the father not being able to conceive, I need more details. Was he not able to conceive at all or just not at that time? Is Yeom still a father? Tae Hee’s father? Why he feels the need to command so much respect from them or entitled in his position in the company is yet to be seen. I need to know Yeom’s dirty details. The cliffhanger was kind of dry. However, I can’t wait to see the Bromance next week. I was just commenting on how the saunas have been replaced by getting drunk on soju in so many recent shows. Yes, please exfoliate and stop clogging up the liver.

  11. One thing I understood while watching without subs…the evil secretary got the evil mom! I was satisfied with that! 😂

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