Like Flowers In Sand (2023)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 모래에도 꽃이 핀다 / 沙中開花 / Moraeedo Kkochi Pinda / The Sand Flower / Flowers Even Bloom in the Sand / Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand / Дорама Цветы расцветают даже в песке

Synopsis: Kim Baek Doo, born into a prestigious family of traditional Korean wrestlers, was once known as a ssireum genius. Now, he is considering retirement. When his childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung appears at Geosan County, she takes charge of the management team of the county’s ssireum team, which is in danger of disbanding. Baek Doo’s life takes a turn. Complications arise with the sudden arrival of Min Hyun Wook, the mysterious cafe owner Joo Mi Ran, the new ssireum team coach Kwak Jin Soo, and Baek Doo’s best friend Cho Seok Hee who is a police constable. Over the course of 12 episodes, Baek Doo must decide whether to stay in the sport or leave it for good.

Like Flowers In Sand (2023) trailer

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