Hide (2024)


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Status: Ongoing

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Other name: 하이드 / Haideu

Synopsis: In this 12-episode drama, Na Moon Young’s husband, Cha Sung Jae, goes missing without a trace. Desperate to find him, Na Moon Young enlists the help of her neighbor, Ha Yeon Joo, and the mysterious Do Jin Woo, who may hold the key to uncovering the truth behind Cha Sung Jae’s disappearance. As the search intensifies, the secrets surrounding Cha Sung Jae’s sudden vanishing are slowly revealed.

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9 Comments to “Hide (2024)

  1. I want more Lee actors in supporting roles, that would be legendary ! Lee Bong Ryun, Lee Jung Joon, Lee Jung Won, Lee Won Jung, Lee Joo Sil, Lee Ji Ha, Lee Seung Joon, Lee Kyu Hyung, Lee Yong Lee, Lee Si Hoon, Lee Sang Yi, Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Suk Hyeong, for example… hahaha

  2. Please be not another cheating drama aka fighting between wife against husband/mistress as this type of plots is no longer considered thriller for me as I got bored from this type of stories. So I hope this is different type of mystery and thriller so I am excited for now.

  3. This is an official adaptation of a welsh series “Keeping Faith”. The plot is quite deeper and complex. There is no infidelity in original.

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