Doctor Slump (2024) Episode 6

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14 Comments to “Doctor Slump (2024) Episode 6

  1. Loved this episode. The main leads pairing is too solid plus their friends hahaaha… one defending and the other bad mouthing about YW. YW’s real friend is him not the other two lackeys who had been following YW. He believes YW. Him trying to follow YW’s footsteps through NeoTube is even more funnier. Next ep looks dark.

  2. Solve the trial case quickly and just give us the rest episodes of fluff and them overcoming depression and starting to date and getting job again please.

  3. The cameo was everything and more 😁
    when the FL thought he was confessing at the karaoke bar…and when he actually told her i like you!!!

  4. I know Lee Hong Ran’s character is supposed to be Haneul’s best friend. But so far she’s not best-friending well imo. I wish she listens and take it more seriously of what Haneul said to her instead of just assuming everything is okay with Haneul πŸ₯Ί I know in today’s episode what they’re talking about isn’t that “important” but how she didn’t to listen to what Haneul said was just a letdown for me. And let’s not forget when Haneul told her that she had depression and she didn’t believe her.

    And alsoooo! WAAA DOCTORS REUNION!!! 🀩🀩🀩

    Doctors alumni now become doctors again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. He is such a silly sweetheart! Oh man I love PHS!! God, please send me someone this silly and compassionate!

  6. Lmao this episode was hilarious. Its like they both swapped personalities. Ha-neul confessing then being the extroverted one while Jeong-woo being the quiet for a change. Lee Sung-Kyung’s cameo was definitely impactful for speeding up their relationship, but I didn’t expect her character to be so deluded πŸ’€

    The 2nd leads are so chaotic already. Can’t believe she unsubbed to his channel infront of him 😭😭
    Then Dae-young defending YJW even though they aren’t friends πŸ‘
    Looking forward to more scenes from those 2. It’s so refreshing when dramas have a separate storyline for the 2nd leads.

  7. They uploaded here pretty late. I saw it on another website.
    I can relate to fl’s life. I am currently living this kind of life. I am currently preparing for board exam and is going to sit on Medical admission Test soon. After watching this epi, I realised I am just like her studying hard without any break. I remember i recently rejected my friends when they wanted to hang out with me with silly excuses. I even stopped communicating with my Family members to save time for my study.this made my relationship with them a little bad but they r expecting more from me day by day. πŸ˜”

    But after watching this, I am doubting my life. AM I EVEN LIVING MY LIFE CORRECTLY?? i don’t know.i just hope i don’t have to regret my life. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW😒

  8. I appreciate this drama. It’s like it’s talking to me on what to do to feel better about my current situation.

  9. It’s scary how I relate to her totally with everything she said in the introduction of the episode!

  10. I just loved the comedic cameo with ‘Recollection may vary’ Lee Seong Kyeong !
    But there seems to be an uncomfortable history between HaNeul and KyungMin, clouds are forming πŸ™

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