Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 이재, 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 이제 곧 죽습니다 파트2 / 死期將至 2 / Ije God Jukseubnida Pateu 2 / I Will Die Soon Part 2 / I’ll Die Soon Part 2 / Yi Jae, You’ll Die Soon Part 2 / И Джэ скоро умрёт 2

Synopsis: Choi Yi Jae is a man who has lost his job, his ex-girlfriend, and his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Out of desperation, he decides to take his own life. But Death shows up and offers him a deal: if he can survive 13 lives, he can live out the rest of his days. Death transports Yi Jae to 13 other lives, each ending in death. He will have to find a way to escape the imminent death in each of these lives if he wants to live his own life again. With each life, Yi Jae comes to terms with his own life and choices he makes for others.

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7 Comments to “Death’s Game Part 2 (2024)

  1. I really liked the concept and the whole drama , but can someone tell me if the ending is the same as the webtoon ? If not plz tell me how it ended or even if they showed more to the story.

  2. “what do you want?”

    oh really how romantic you guys 😍😍😍😍 that’s 100% a romantic show between two Psychopath and Detective 😍 (this drama got me crazy.. kinda)

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