Death’s Game (2023)


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Other name: 이재, 곧 죽습니다 / 이제 곧 죽습니다 / 死期將至 / Ije God Jukseubnida / Yijae, Got Jookseummida / I Will Die Soon , I’ll Die Soon / Deaths Game / И Джэ скоро умрёт

Synopsis: Yijae Choi is unemployed, his ex-girlfriend has moved on, and he has recently lost his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Disillusioned by his life and the societal pressures around him, Yijae decides to take his own life. Insulted by Yijae’s flippant attitude towards death, Death comes to punish him with a game; Yijae must experience death over and over again by living 13 different lives – but if he can survive the imminent dangers in each of these lives, he will be allowed to live out the remainder of that lifetime. Yijae’s own life was a bust, but can he find a way to survive the deaths of these other lives?

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2 Comments to “Death’s Game (2023)

  1. That was really good. A lot of emotions, and feelings in this, I really enjoyed it, and how everything connected at the end it was insane.

    Also, some incredible cast, with each and every one of the characters, reincarnations or side characters, or even guests, being actors I could recognize from other shows I loved.

  2. What are some of you guys on lol, this drama was perfection from the first to last episode. And goddamn that bike scene out of nowhere… this whole drama is a big chefs kiss!

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