City of Stars (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: เฟื่องนคร / Fueangnakorn / Fueangnakhon / City of Star

Synopsis: “Fueangnakorn” is a drama revolving around a public figure in the social media age who faces constant criticism, bullying, and defamation. The protagonist must navigate these challenges and overcome the sheer terror inflicted by netizens with a positive attitude. Through 10 episodes, the story aims to spread positivity in a negative world consumed by online platforms. The drama airs every Friday.

City of Stars (2024) trailer

7 Comments to “City of Stars (2024)

  1. I love Fueang’s interaction with his fans, sincere and genuine. Hard to find celebrities like that these days. Enjoying this series so far.

  2. EP.3
    Bank is overshadowing the MLs, with Kimmon looking well overall even at the background.

    It is like EP.2, Kimmon looking sexy in soot. The actual explosion, underwhelming and had us baffling. The MLs, it’s like they were the extras.

    The conversation doesn’t make sense even with those sound effects. Less talk, more action.

    Thankfully, no hyper hysterical screaming, or at least much toned down fangirl nonsense. So I’m still hanging on.

  3. Poor JuJu. It’s also the lack of eyebrows. Like JuJu is not Julia Fox or Doja Cat doing the no eyebrow futuristic look from 2022. A dark and medium blonde eyebrow liner/powder exists. The makeup artist should use it. It’s also like they half-attempted the Douyin makeup look mixed with a Kardashian to equal hot mess on the face. One positive thing, at least they blended the makeup to their neck LOL you know sometimes they fail actors at blending so they have face and neck having different colours LOL

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