Chicken Nugget (2024)


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Other name: 닭강정 / 炸雞塊 / 炸鸡块 / Dakgangjeong / Dalggangjeong / Dak Gang Jeong / Fried Chicken / Chicken Gangjeong / Sweet and Sour Chicken / Nugget de pollo / Острая и сладкая курочка / قطعة دجاج مقلية

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“Chicken Girl” is a 12-episode drama series, based on the webtoon by Park Ji Dok, which follows the strange transformation of Choi Min Ah, a beautiful young girl who becomes a fried chicken after entering a mysterious machine. Her father, Choi Sun Man, and intern Go Baek Jung, team up to find a way to turn her back into a human, while also uncovering dark secrets along the way. The series airs on Fridays and Saturdays and has a content rating of 15+, suitable for teens 15 or older. Each episode is 60 minutes long.

Chicken Nugget (2024) trailer

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