Badland Hunters (2024)


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Status: Completed

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Other name: 황야 / 乌有之地 / Hwangya / Concrete Utopia 2 / The Wilderness / Cazadores en tierra inhóspita / Охотники с пустоши / صيادو الأراضي القاحلة

Synopsis: In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, Seoul has become a post-apocalyptic landscape. The remaining survivors not only have to face the harshness of their new environment, but also the dangers posed by each other in a lawless society ruled by those with power. Among them are Nam San and Choi Ji Wan, who work together as wasteland hunters. Based on part 2 of the webtoon “Happy Boy” by Kim Soong Nyoong.

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  1. For me, actor Ma Dong Seok has become a sign of quality, yes, all his films are not masterpieces, but they are good-quality entertaining action films that you do not want to sleep watching! The film does not let you get bored, worthy fights in a post-apocalyptic environment!

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