As Beautiful As You (2024) Episode 16

Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching As Beautiful As You (2024) Episode 16 with english subtitles.

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9 Comments to “As Beautiful As You (2024) Episode 16

  1. Yup. There it is. He confronted her BS and like I suspected, she played victim then called it a misunderstanding… I am glad he didn’t let her off the hook and called her out for being petty without saying those exact words… He’s drawn the line in the sand. Looked her boldly to her face, and dared her to cross. Then, invited her to have some fish LOL

    I love that Xiao and HT relationship. They’re so funny. “You invited me to dinner, and I’m the one cooking!” LOL

    Su sulking because LiLi has a bf… dude. You acting that way is EXACTLY why you are not at her level….

    XX’s friend always circling YC is a bit annoying, but I get it. She has been crushing on him for so long…her ability to keep the flood gates are

  2. 🤤 the way I’m already imagining watch this drama so many times when it end,is not from here. Only Xukai can make me watch his drama like 1000times

  3. Can’t stand the ex and the friend so I have to skip when ever it’s their part on the drama and that annoying ex boss, too. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. To be honest I’m tired of seeing see the way I’m suffering face from Yichen
    dont get me started on that two face friend

  5. I can seriously understand why most comments on the novel was the ML was very realistic. I love how he’s not all about oh i love her I will always solve all her problems without allowing her do her own thing. He will always give her something that she will benefit from and learn from.

  6. 🙄 see that one he was feeling all fly when she offers him her BC but getting clumsy to offer his card to Han ting
    😌Mr Han want to be babied a little. I’m hungry

  7. I swear the first half of this episode was nothing but one two-faced b!tch after the other.
    Let’s start with Zeng…she continues in her nastiness. I just loved how Han Ting ever so politely set her straight. We all know she is going to find another way to screw over Xing again. I literally mumbled: “Yeah right”, when she was like it’ could be a misunderstanding.

    Then just when I was getting over Zeng, we get the b!tch friend. She hears Xing has some one chasing her, and she viewed it as a go ahead to make a move on the ex. Yes, they are broken up, but it just feels so wrong. At the very least she should have talked to Xing before doing anything out of respect. I respect the ex for continuing to be a decent guy.

    Yeah, he is a guy, but Mr Ma also earned a b!tch title. The ways he just completely dismissed Xing before he found out about her connections with Han Ting. How about just try being a decent person from the beginning.

    My only question now is who put the guy up to breaking the printer…the cousin or Zeng. Now way I that was an accident.

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