Alienoid 2 (2024)


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Other name: 외계+인 2부 / 외계인2 / 祖宗膠戰外星人2 / Oegye+In 2 Bu / Wegye+In 2 Bu / Alien + People: Part 2 / Alien + Person: Part 2 / Alien + Man: Part 2 / Alien: Part 2 / Alienoid: Part 2 / Alienoid: Return to the Future / Пришелец 2

Synopsis: Ian is on a mission to stop an alien prisoner from escaping a human body and becoming trapped in the past. He must overcome numerous obstacles before finding a new weapon that will let him open a time gate. Meanwhile, Mu Reuk is struggling to understand the strange presence inside him. Heuk Seol, Cheong Woon, Neung Pa, and Ja Jang all join the quest to find a divine sword.

When Min Gae In realizes that many people are dying from an alien substance called Hava, Ian knows they have no time to waste and uses the time gate to return with Mu Reuk, Thunder, and two immortals to the present. There, they must battle the aliens, prevent Hava from exploding, and save the people.

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  1. So excited for this to come out! Kim Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol will be amazing in part 2!

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