A Killer Paradox (2024)


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Other name: 살인자o난감 / 살인자ㅇ난감 / 殺人者o難堪 / Murderer o Nangam / Sarinjaonangam / SarinjaㅇNangam / Murder DIEary / Murderous Toy / The Murderer and the Toy / The Murderer & the Toy / Дневник убийцы

Synopsis: The drama “Sarinjaonangam” (살인자ㅇ난감) tells the story of Lee Tang, a regular college student who accidentally kills a customer during a heated argument while working at a convenience store at night. Overwhelmed with guilt and fear, Lee Tang soon discovers that the victim was actually a serial killer. He also realizes that he has the ability to identify “bad seeds” and decides to use it to become a vigilante, punishing those who have committed heinous acts in the past. However, his actions catch the attention of a determined and ruthless detective. Based on the webtoon of the same name, this drama consists of 8 episodes.

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  1. yep! on netflix it says “coming on 9 feb” it means that all episodes will be available. if it was “new episode on 9 feb” then it would be periodic release

  2. It’s almost two weeks now and we will be getting this drama. I’m so hyped about this drama. Very excited for Choi Woo Shik

  3. Son Suk Ku is like the top top most popular film actor now in Korea after Roundup. Let’s see if he finds another success in his small screen comeback.

  4. This looks like it already could be one of the best of 2023, or at least in top 3. I dont know much about the writer but it has everything else, a sick story, an amazing cast and by looking at the trailer the production values seems to be top notch. So super hyped!

    By the way I advice people not to watch the trailer, they show alot in it.

  5. All these replies are giving me a great list of dramas to avoid, haha. “Somebody,” you said it’s called? How do they keep the viewer invested in the drama

  6. It’s similar to series Dexter, where the main lead is a serial killer. The dark hero who kills the bad seeds. Sounds like an interesting plot especially for kdrama.

  7. yeah, its just the MC having delusions and thinking he has power that only let him kill other killer, but I don’t think there is any confirmation to that. certainly not a supernatural tv show anyway.

  8. i dont remember the original manhwa having supernatural hint at all, it is all psychological.. someone need to update it

  9. According to the reviews for the local (SK) people that had watched 1st 4eps, this drama breaks the barrier of (flopped) Netflix originals, thus reaching global rating due to following the exact storyline of webtoon, but adding more spice (extra scenes/storyline) to enhance further

  10. lmao trust me lee tang is not doing it for the people either and i say it as someone who read the webtoon

  11. Dexter is a Psychopath that kills bad people to satisfy his dark passenger, he doesn’t do it for the people or anything just for himself

  12. Good point! I think some of the audience expected a lot of violence and suspense but it was a slow burn instead.

    I loved it – in all its comedic moments, its surprises, its great acting and lots of irony.

    In a way, it reminded me of the movie Burning – with Yoo Ah In. Most general audience expected something different – it was more of an intellectual movie instead.

  13. Good for like the first half of the show but then the focus became more about the detective and the other guy than the main character which is lame..

  14. My favourite part of this was the soundtrack paired with the directing style. It was so cool!

  15. Not at all… I love My Mister an Tell You Love Me, both very slow dramas but I don’t think they are dragged. But I do think Killer Paradox is a bit dragged. Dragged isn’t about how long the drama is, otherwise films wouldn’t be dragged. It’s about how the director and screenwriter uses this time

  16. I would be fun to show the tiktok generation masterpiece movies from say the 70s or 80s, where there are slow scenes for minutes without anything special happening, or 10+ min monologues with just some old guy talking, etc. They wouldnt last long lol.
    The constant chase for instant dopamine release and zero attention span is slowly going to decrease the quality of humanity, no doubt about that.

  17. I can’t help but notice that the only female detective is made out to be the dumb one in the show the fact there are no female characters really at all either does not help.. its giving side eye

  18. episodes 1-5ish 8.5, 6 & 7 (8 rating) the end of the last episode it came back to a 8.5….it had a cool concept its just I really didn’t care about the other guy they started focusing on

  19. it was a mere observation of my she was the only one made out to look like a fool in the end I just found it very interesting the choice of the scene of her and the detective. I mean it could’ve been any cop and the dialogue could’ve gone anywhere

  20. was really really good at first but then it started sucking half way and got increasingly worse. disappointed honestly, could have been so good but they rushed it and fucked up the plot

  21. not that bad tbh! sooo much wasted potential tho… like u have THE choi wooshin and THE son suk ku in your cast and have them share the screen for like 5 minutes😭 the cinematography is insaaaane tho and the last ep is actually pretty cool

  22. the issue of the drama having a feeling of suspense and not knowing what is going to happen every minute is great, but I feel like it only got good until halfway through the story, from episode 5 onwards the drama starts to take a turn that gets boring and The entry of other characters only makes it worse, and the ending was far from exceeding my expectations, which is a shame because the cast was there delivering a great performance.

  23. I feel like this would have benefited by being 16 episodes, BUT, it would also have to really figure out it’s focus first. Enjoyable, but lacking.

  24. i was a bit skeptical during the first eps but it really really got better afterwards and it got me hooked til the end its a really good watch

  25. i was a bit skeptical during the first eps but it really really got better afterwards and it got me hooked til the end its a really good watch

  26. I have to agree with the majority of commenters… the first half was DEFINITELY better than the second half. After Roh Bin and Song Chon were added to the plot the show lost me. *shrugs*
    Also, IMO this drama has zero comedy so… idk about that genre lol.

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